Thursday, 7 July 2011

Islamic Clothing

Clothing is an essential part of human life. It reflects culture, tradition and, values of every religion.Our matchless and modest religion Islam emphasis on the importance of Clothing. Islamic clothing that is available for men and women today reflects the belief that they have in the values, which are taught by Islam.

Islamic clothing for women contains Abayas, Burqa, Hijab, Shawls. In the olden times Abayas and gowns were simple but with the passage of time a lot of variations have taken place in this matter. Now they have also become a part of fashion. Ladies are very fond of stylish Abayas, gowns, Hijab and Burqa.Earlier, it was only provided in Black color but now it has numberless colors and designs.
It has become a status symbol as well. Islamic countries like DUBAI and SAUDI ARABIA are very famous for Abbays.Very costly and beautiful Abayas are exported from there. Black Abayas with white stones is very popular now days because it gives very fancy and elegant look. This classy outfit is bound to make one look and fell royal. The most important thing that determines a right Abayas is the choice of color palattes.Abayayas are worn according to the climate and occasions. Wearing dark colored or woolen Abayas in the hot summer days is definitely a fashion faux.Soft and soothing colors are like pastles,beiges,coral,pinks and big pink floral pattern are very famous now days.Abaya gives very decent look if it is perfect for the particular occasion which complement the situation . iSlamic Clothing.

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